​​Integrity, Quality, Performance

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with Business and IT solutions that enable them to achieve business and information systems goals with optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Vision

Indigo Technology is recognized as a reliable, expert Professional services provider of choice for the US Government agencies and businesses nationwide. In keeping with our Mission Statement, Indigo provides services that:

Create value-added results — Provide enterprise solutions and strategies that support our customers organizational objectives.

Build long-term customer relationships — Establish strategic working relationships with customers and teammates that are mutually beneficial.

Serve our customers with excellence — Employ and perform under standards of quality that reflect the competency and commitment of our leadership and team.

Enhance our employee experience — Create growth opportunities for our team employee’s so that they reach their fullest professional potential. As an employee-centric company, we understand that our employees are our most important asset. 



Our Corporate Values


Our talented experts work as a team to meet the needs of our customers. Our team approach ensures your success as we focus our expertise to build solutions that meet your requirements.
We bring experienced and proven leadership that understands your priorities and schedule needs.
We have demonstrated experience and expertise in providing new and advantageous solutions to meet Government requirements. These solutions combine innovative ideas with leading-edge technology and an understanding of your needs.
Customer Satisfaction
We know that your satisfaction is key to our long-term success. Indigo will always work diligently to maintain that satisfaction.
Our expert staff brings years of experience enhanced by continuous training on current trends and technologies. We are passionate about our reputation for meeting the needs of our customers.
Our woman-owned firm is comprised of a strong experienced team of leaders and experts with an active mentor-protégé relationship that provides access to other technical and financial resources as needed.